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I was Cofounder and CTO of I.TV from 2009-2012. While there, I created and led a world-class engineering team to create our innovative second screen TV experiences on mobile, web, and the Nintendo platform. I created a productive and attractive work environment, built the team up to 8 of the best engineers in the state, and architected most of our systems.

The TV guide and interactive TV experiences we created attracted millions of users, substantial revenue growth, and partnerships with AOL, Entertainment Weekly, Telus, and Nintendo.

I was primarily responsible for the engineering organization, but I was also deeply involved in product design, strategy, and our partnerships. Read more on LinkedIn.


We created the best interactive TV Guide in the iOS app store. Over the years we created many state-of-the-art iOS experiences.

We were primarily focused on interactive TV experiences, which we launched with many companies, including Tvii, which came bundled with the WiiU.